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MAN Energy Solutions France

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MAN Energy Solutions France

A key player in the French maritime industry.


MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions France

MAN Energy Solutions is one of the world’s leading suppliers of land-based and floating power plants based on large diesel and gas engines.


MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil

MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil

Continuous and constant monitoring of the lube oil.

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Intervention of 14th of April

Our client who is energy producer for wood industry wished to have an expertise to correct high temperature problems on its thrust bearing installed on steam turbine MARC1 from Hamburg. The machine was tripping several times a day. 

After identifying available spare parts and supplying the missing ones with the teams in Hamburg, we prepared the mission with the customer and the HSE department in order to carry out the operating mode integrating the risks related to Covid-19. The logistics department and the work doctor in Saint Nazaire allowed us to send the required equipment to our FSE. The preparation detailed the whole intervention to make sure our FSE is safe from the moment he leaves his home to the moment he is back at home. 

Laurent proceeded to the reassembly of a new thrust bearing and was able to assist the commissioning of the machine by monitoring the homogeneous dilatation of the casing, the oil supply pressure of each bearing. 

The client was satisfy to find operating parameters that allowed him to fully exploit the steam turbine.  

Laurent was alone on site but had a dedicated team backing him up 100%

MAN Energy Solutions Launches MAN Fluid Monitor for Lube Oil

Intelligent constant monitoring device of industrial lube oil

Back to previous pageIntelligent constant monitoring device of industrial lube oilThe MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil is a light and robust system developed by MAN Energy Solutions to meet the needs of the owners of industrial installations where lube-oil quality is a critical setting. It enables owners to actively monitor – on an ongoing basis – the degradation and contamination of lube oil and protect their industrial assets. Already proven in the field, the fluid monitor immediately detects even the tiniest anomalies in the lube-oil systems of four stroke engines, turbomachinery and auxiliary equipment.

MAN Energy Solutions reports that the fluid monitor has recorded over 18,000 test hours on pilot industrial sites, complies with CE standards and has been certified by Bureau Veritas marine applications. It has also received its very first order for third-party equipment in the Pacific region.

Arnauld Filancia, Vice-President within MAN Energy Solutions, said: “We know that lube oil is the life blood of an engine and that 70% of major damage reveals lube-oil contamination. We wanted to develop a global monitoring solution capable of conforming to the demands of all rotating machines – such as four stroke engines, and turbomachinery – and whatever the application, whether it be marine, power plants, or anything else. This new product is the result of targeted research on the operational security and is part of MAN Energy Solutions’ continuing effort to design easy-to-implement solutions that enhance installation performance and security.”

Filancia added that the innovative system is currently subject to the filing for patent.

Used alongside laboratory analyses, MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil alerts operators with alarms and stop recommendations as soon as it detects a degradation in lube-oil quality, thereby revealing minor wear of mechanical parts. Thanks to this swift detection of anomalies, especially important during such sensitive engine phases as restarts where 50% of damage occurs, this solution allows the operator to anticipate maintenance, protect major components, and identify part-wear before breakdown, in the process maximising machine availability.

For more information, please visti our website:

MAN Engines to Power French Naval Logistic Vessels

32/44CR engines bound for tanker new builds from Chantiers de l’Atlantique

A temporary consortium formed by Chantiers de l'Atlantique and Naval Group has been awarded a contract for four Logistic Support Ships (LSS). As part of the deal,MAN Energy Solutions will supply the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard with a total of 16 engines in connection with the building of the four refuelling tankers for the French Navy.

Each vessel will feature a diesel-electric propulsion system with two shaft lines andpropellers. MAN’s scope of supply covers 2 × MAN 12V32/44CR engines (2 ×7,200kW) + 2 × MAN 8L32/44CR engines (2 × 4,800kW) resiliently mounted onbaseframes. Delivery for the four newbuildings is scheduled between 2022 and 2029.

Wayne Jones OBE – Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Executive Board,MAN Energy Solutions – attended the signing ceremony in Saint-Nazaire and said:“This is a real stamp of approval for our Company as this is a sizable contract with what is probably one of the most active navies in Europe. It is also very pleasing towork once again with Chantiers de l’Atlantique, one of Europe’s major shipyards. We thank both organisations for placing their trust in us and look forward to ourcontinued fruitful relationship.”

The order is part of a Franco-Italian LSS Programme led by OCCAR*, the International Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation, on behalf of DGA, the French Armament General Directorate, and its Italian counterpart, NAVARM.

The tankers each have a fuel capacity of 13,000 m3, with a mission to provide logistical support to French and allied navies’ combat vessels. They will carry fuelfor vessels, jet fuel for aircraft, weapons and ammunition, spare parts, as well asfood. The tankers have been designed to support the aviation group attached tothe aircraft carrier, ‘Charles de Gaulle’.

*OCCAR : Organisation conjointe de coopération en matière d’armement


Signing Ceremony on 07-October-2019 between Chantiers de l’Atlantique and MAN EnergySolutions. Yves Pelpel (SVP, Design, Chantiers de l’Atlantique), Bertrand Paquet(SVP,Sourcing, Chantiers de l’Atlantique), Wayne Jones, OBE, (Chief Sales Officer andMember of the Executive Board, MAN Energy Solutions SE), Nicolas Bally (ManagingDirector, MAN Energy Solutions France),Yann Tanguy (Sales Manager, MAN EnergySolutions France), Gilles Hellou (Buyer, Sourcing, Chantiers de l’Atlantique), RichardBruneteau (Manager, Sourcing, Chantiers de l’Atlantique).

MAN_12V3244CR_engineThe MAN 12V32/44CR engine

"Samuel de Champlain", First European Dredger Conversion to Dual Fuel

Rugby Tournaments XV de Morgane

On Saturday, June 15, 16 employees proudly represented MAN Energy Solutions France during the Rugby tournament organized by the XV Morgane association in Saint-Nazaire.

Thanks to the teams Touch'ensemble and the Drink Team the company donated 1 000 € to the association. Congratulations!


Quadrathlon of Saint-Nazaire

Saturday, June 8th, 12 employees have worthily represented MAN at the Saint-Nazaire quadrathlon Audacity.

Bravo to the Youplaboom team, Têtes de bielle, les Locos moteurs et les Bâtis en V for their performance!

Thanks to them, 1120 € will be donated to the League against Obesity.


Philippe, Electrician Test Bed

Norman, Fitter

Benoit, Field Service Engineer

Saint-Nazaire is recruiting ! 

Automation, Fundamental of Operation

French movie of the ceremony "The Game Changer", on Novembrer 22th, 2017 in Saint-Nazaire